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Malkhut is Malkhut is Malkhut [entries|friends|calendar]
Alessandro Vilma Garamond

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bring on the brave new world [05 Sep 2033|11:48pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Well, things are proceeding as I have foreseen. Ha ha ha. I'm such a sly dog, to make references like that, and you all know it.

I had a rather fascinating evening watching my dear friend Red Starr fry her entire software loadout whilst on an exciting adventure in a spacey node on the matrix. She actually uncovered a trick even I hadn't known whilst poking through the recycling, and thus I'm somewhat impressed by her discovery. Still, the cost is significant to her, but I was able to remedy most of her losses, as I am a kind, kind soul.

Speaking of kindness, The Beast has returned (also known as the Space Butler), and has been working his peculiar magic on the plebes. It's really most useful, as he'll clear out the dross and let the more worthy deckers bubble to the top. Well, I should say: he'll save the stupid ones some time and accelerate the die-off process, while the ones capable of surviving should demonstrate clearly their ability to do so.

It flies somewhat in the face of my own organization and the time I've spent pacifying the matrix, but then again, I am filled with RIGHTEOUS ANGER and when I'm filled with such wrath it's simply more expedient to abandon the little side projects and get down to basics.

That being said, steps one and two of my master plan have been completed, and my revenge should shortly be at hand. Barring the arrival of further miserable business, I should be able to take drastic measures against those who foolishly risked my ire.

Although I must confess that the lure of vacation is starting to sing to me again. I'm honestly torn; on the one hand, I DO enjoy voiding the non, as it were, but on the other, I do enjoy a mai-tai and some shuffleboard. Oh, what's a man to do, hrmm? Revenge or relaxation?

I'll probably opt for revenge, I think, because I believe in balance in all things. In fact, it occurs to me that I can do BOTH. Orbital cruises! I can certainly direct operations from the deck of a luxury liner, I'm sure. But then...nose to the ground.

You see? You see what I have to deal with? Why must everyone misunderstand me? I'm really quite a nice chap, if you're polite.

Life can be so hard.

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Warclouds [27 Aug 2033|06:38pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

I am filled with fury. My enemies have slighted me and have shown contempt. My offers of armistice have been rejected, and my generosity has been spat upon.

And so, I intend to unleash the worst I have.

To any deckers who read this: It would be in your interest to leave town for a while. I have recalled the Beast, and the purges begin soon.

The third Templar has been activated, and the fourth arrives soon.

Suffer no evil, suffer no purity.

Let Da'ath reign.

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ghosts [21 Jul 2033|08:55pm]
[ mood | sad ]

It's started again

All promises made must be kept.

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Hrmm [04 Jun 2033|01:19pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

There are no less than six deckers in town, active deckers, with Mindseye 3s right now. Worse, they seem to be factionalizing. My spidey sense tells me that trouble is a-brewing, and that it's going to boil over soon. Worse, there are about ten mid-level deckers on mindseye IIs and lesser decks, to add to the mix. I haven't seen this sort of powder keg ready to blow in some time.

This could be premature.

Hmm. Fortune waits for no man, though. We play with what we are dealt.

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Up to Snuff [19 May 2033|12:24am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well then, I think you'll find me back and about, more and more. Things have settled from my end of things, my head has cleared considerably, and all I can do now is wait.

I have no idea whether my rantings and my ravings resulted in anything useful, whatsoever, but I've finally managed to control the...dissonance that resulted from my encounter before. I must apologize for some of the esoteria that I threw about so wantonly, but given my circumstances, it was the most natural way of coping with the data I was forced to deal with.

That being said, although I'm back in my right mind (if anybody can ever be said to be in their right mind), I'm afraid I cannot go into detail about the cause of my problems, or the solution. I will leave what entries I have made in this journal up, as I believe they are cypher enough to protect what I need protected, but please, don't ask me for details. I will explain later, if I need to at all.

And oh, if you're busily tracking the excesses of blacktherion, I must caution you that it is certainly NOT the AI, or at least, not the AI I was looking for. My suspicion is a mischevious (or deluded) decker of some sort, but as I have some...new sources, I'm confident that it is not what it purports to be.

Oh, and PLEASE, if anybody from Aurora Advances contacts you, let me know. Let's just leave it at that, shall we? I can't afford their snooping, and you can't afford the clone credits, hmm?

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Enki, the Loa, and Nyalarthotep [03 May 2033|03:44pm]
[ mood | calm ]

The matrix has been strange, ever since I was compromised. I have withdrawn in order to protect others, but I do not believe I can sustain this battle by myself. However, before I bring the other deckers into the fray, I must arm them properly. In this fight, their skills and their decks mean nothing. Only the information they can assimilate can help me.

Furthermore, I have recently seen the Shrine, and I had no idea it was connected. It is a frightening place, as it has many voices and they speak many truths, too many of which condratict each other.

Moreover, I have determined that I am hounded by false idols...visions of Enki, the Loa, Nyalarthotep, and more...but they have slipped up, and I can see through them.

But I think I see a path to the Garden opening.

Soon, you will find me there.

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I don't see! I don't see! [17 Apr 2033|03:23pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I have spent too much time in dark places. The last week or more...it has been a haze. I think I've been sleeping in the sewers...I remember that shrieking pit, and waking up at least once on Dagon's altar, in the Sanctum.

So many dreams, so many terrible dreams...

and worse, I see them all. I see their little games, and their little horrors.

They will begin whispering to you, as well. Don't let them close; they wear cloaks of man flesh.

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Beta [05 Apr 2033|05:26pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

This morning has been productive. Despite an ill start, a raging headache, and some unpleasant wavering during my meditations, I still managed to do some rudimentary runs and continue my research. I have resolved to bide my time with my fellow traveller for now, in the hopes that I can divine a better solution to the problem.

The files resist my every effort to decode them...they could be nothing more than simple instructional manuals, or memoirs of some eccentric for all I know. Regardless, I must know their contents...I must understand. Nothing less than this is permissible.

I have returned to the city, as well, and have begun the further steps necessary for my plan. While my visitor does put the plan on shakier ground, as yet, it hasn't shown any signs that might endanger my objectives, so I will continue as intended. In that vein, my second Templar went online today. It is extraordinarily useful to have such talent at my disposal, and the obligations I incur are worth it.

And where did all the deckers come from? There's positively hundreds of them now. It's most alarming, in fact; if this continues, I might be forced to cull the population in order to keep it manageable. Too many cooks in the kitchen, and we all get burned, as it were.

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The Dream Thief [01 Apr 2033|06:22pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I feel trendy. It would appear that I have started a trend, of sorts, as decallahan, a reputable NC decker, has started his own journal as well. Welcome to him.

On to business, then.
In the dark, the Devil comesCollapse )
I am corrupted, I think.

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*sigh* [28 Mar 2033|05:30pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Well, there goes that plan. I've attempted to render an image in this node that I skimmed from the city services node. It may or may not work.

Lobby of the Shangri-La
Once a respected hotel in the pre-millineum 90's, the Shangri-La has lapsed into a middle class apartment
building...the lobby of which while sparsely decorated is fairly clean and smells faintly of the cigars and
cooking krill patties consumed by its residents. Humming softly, a small security camera floats
unobtrusively in the corner.
You see a Shangri-La Directory here.
Aggressor-2 is half-shadows, swaying and scanning the area, nearly invisible.
You can go west (w) and up (u).
A humanoid drone looms here, armored with a chitinous, glossy black plastic of some kind. Featureless, polished, and sleek, it looms like a predator stalking prey. Standing on two legs, jointed backwards, like the rear haunches of a cat, and armed with a pair of articulated hands at the tips of powerful, servo-driven arms, it looks capable of the most fine movement. It's left forearm holds what appears to be a multi-barrelled cannon, and it's right forearm sports a large, gruesome blade that shines in the light. A prehensile tail, as long as the body, searches behind it, with the occasional sapphire blip of a range-finding laser. The carapace shifts and crawls in the light, seeming to fade into it's surroundings as times.
Aggressor-2 is empty-handed.

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Sand in my hardware [28 Mar 2033|03:38pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Before I forget, it would appear that rinnan_reilly, one of the city's most respect medical professionals, has found this node, as well, and has created a journal. Apparently my earlier efforts to locate this node in some of the less decker-centric circles has been successful. But on to my present plight.

I have spent a lot of time in the middle east, over the years. I've also spent some days in the Sahara, the Kalahari, and even spent some time in the Gobi desert, in a search for some old temples. And in that entire time, I have never been more annoyed by this perpetual infection of sand.
These radiated winds bring me nothing but vexation.Collapse )

I have been keeping a close eye on the other journals of deckers, and I am impressed. While I do not interact with most of you when I am online (I am a bit of a hermit, I admit), I must applaud you all for your efforts to improve and fraternize my little node. This sort of insight further reduces the sort knee-jerk scythe reaction I sometimes suffer when seeing unfamiliar icons in front of me. Good work, then, to mrjangles, taliesin_skye, nckitten, and also to piperscott, who, while not a decker, certainly improves the traffic around here.

Oh, and for you deckers out there: The soft "Magus" is a codebreaker.

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The ashes of the holy places [25 Mar 2033|03:02pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I have been on the run for two days now.

The other night, after dealing with a minor bit of threat from the KiNGs, I have been subsequently stalked by a hunter-killer AI -- at least, that is my guess -- that has proven wily, efficient, and beyond my capacity. I suspect it is a Gemini construct, which I read about once a few months ago in a brief in Moscow. Gemini constructs are a particularly cruel creation by a corporate syndicate -- the specific corporations, sadly, were missing from the brief -- that is designed specifically to combat deckers of high caliber.
This Beast hunts many places, and stalks the mind as readily as the flesh.Collapse )

When I next find the opportunity to post here, I will do so with my progress. If you can help me, please do. And please, watch yourself, both in the meat and on the matrix. Things are more dangerous than they appear.

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The City on the Hill [22 Mar 2033|06:56pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I was considering things today, and my it would appear that my instincts may have gotten the best of me once again. Discipline is necessary for advancement and enlightenment, and I must cease being so headstrong and giving in to my urges.

I have nearly jeapordized certain matters that are beginning to bear fruit by being hasty and too aggressive. I must center myself. I must focus more on Hod than Nezah, for now.

Balance, balance, balance. Balance in all things. A difficult principle.

One of the most promising new deckers around has found this node and has created a new journal, which is visible here, at taliesin_skye. His first entry is excellent, already, and I certainly hope to read more, quickly.

Lastly, I'm concerned for the KiNGs. I think they're set to expire. I have been watching them, quietly, and I think they are imploding from within. It would appear that there is overmuch friction taking place.

Such as life. Lewski will survive, I'm sure, and so will the KiNGs.

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Fortune favours me today [20 Mar 2033|02:00pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Sometimes fortune just reaches out and pricks you. Other times, she enfolds a man in a loving embrace, and gives him a kiss.

Today, I got a kiss. Through various means, including my normal job runs, some luck, and some deck sales, I managed to make 25k today.

I haven't had such a good payday in a while, and as I have colossal expenses fast approaching, the income is dearly appreciated. Once in a while, I really do bemoan the need to pay for so much in life...but then, everything has a cost that we must bear. I just hope my plans bear fruit, in the end. They usually do, but one never really knows.

I've been monitoring this node a bit, and it seems a bit viral; it's spread to another denizen of the city. It would appear that piperscott has made herself a journal, as well. Interesting.

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The Dream of Scipio [20 Mar 2033|01:03am]
[ mood | irritated ]

I had a good laugh today. I intercepted a corporate complant transmission detailing the location of a safehouse and the translation of a corporate thrall from one corp to another, probably against the will of his human resources department. Included in the description of this transfer was an oblique reference to a sizable sum of credits, so, being a bit of an opportunist, I sent one of my agents to interrupt the festivities and retrieve for me what valuables that he could.
Never send a monkey to do a man's workCollapse )
One can never be too careful.

Oh, it would appear that another decker from the city has found her way to this node. You can view her journal here; she's chosen to use the icon nckitten. How frisky.

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One less problem to worry about [18 Mar 2033|04:19pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, it seems that Vincenzio has vanished off the face of the earth, and judging from the behaviour of the KiNGs, I doubt he's coming back.

It's really quite unfortunate; that man had talent, drive, and a certain chutzpah that is so rarely found in meatside leadership nowadays. I suppose I shall have to observe the KiNGs, and determine whether or not they remain feasible as an entity or whether they will wither and die.

Truly sad. R.I.P., Vincenzio.

I wonder what happened to his suit? Hmm.

It would appear that Zain is no longer a factor in the city, as well. I received a mail from him telling me that he was leaving town, and his complant is no longer registered on the public system, so I suspect he's gone for good. It's tragic; another man with talent, another one gone. He couldn't hold his tongue, though, so perhaps it's just as well. I probably would have been forced to fry him.

Blue seems to have found this node and has started up a similar feed from vacation; for the two of you who also know about this, you can view his journal right here, at mrjangles. I'm sure it'll be a fascinating travelogue until he gets back to town.

Maybe he'll ruin his voice en route. That might spare him a lot more unnecessary deaths.

I've heard rumours of a new nomad leader rising in the northeast, and I'm concerned that they may try to storm New Carthage. That would be most unpleasant; fortunately, I think the corps will be on top of it. Whomever has subverted the NCSP is certainly running it very aggressively, and it's clearly capable of dealing with the threat. I've always wondered why they pretended to be 'fair' over there. Were I in charge, I would run them like shock troops. The Rule of Law means nothing in this day and age, so why bother defending it?

Mental note: Find new lodgings. This one is infested.

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One less name to follow [17 Mar 2033|05:05pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Oh, I just got a nice little update. It appears that Patrick has been sent to the great beyond. Apparently, he'd been harassed by the KiNGs entirely separate from my own interest in his demise, and has been permanently removed. This always pleases me. He was insolent that one time, and I cannot abide insolence.

I wonder if his bounty was collected from the Sweet Dreams terminal. That would be unfortunate to have wasted 3k that way.

Oh well. These things happen.

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Interference [17 Mar 2033|04:40pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

Generally, I am quite a congenial decker. I insist on politeness, respect, and courtesy. I help my fellow deckers, encourage them, and generally attempt to promote a positive matrix experience, one completely free of negative feeling and bad emotions.


It's days like today that make me want to do excessive violence to other deckers.

I had business in the UPB node today, for reasons that I won't disclose. I was jacked in via a black box, and of course, when a black box is involved, one must be wary of matrix international traces. I would use a blue box but they apparently don't exist anymore, or are impossible to get. Despite the fact that I know how to make them from scratch, I can't seem to find parts. I would pay a lot of credits for blue box parts.

There was an icon in UPB there -- I won't say who -- and I was forced to raise my shields and some anti-trace software - software I was hoping to avoid using, because of imminent black box traces. Well, as often happens, the instant I raised that software, that other icon disappeared, an MI trace appeared instantly, I began the jack out process, and by the time I jacked out, the MI trace had been successful and had fried my black box.

Let me tell you, I said no shortage of foul things! Those bloody black boxes are nearly as hard to find as the blue boxes, and the loss of one is very much akin to the loss of a decent deck, fryage of some CPU, or the loss of implants.

So I have two options before me, here: On the one hand, it was not that icon's fault that he was in the wrong place in the wrong time. I did choose to raise that software and take the risk of using a black box, after all. The humanist in me should forgive and forget, and just let it go. A minor setback, after all.


I haven't decided which course of action to take, as of yet.

Life can be so difficult sometimes.

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R.I.P., Frank [16 Mar 2033|06:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]

When I moved into my...well...my current abode, I found a notebook there from a former citizen of this city named Frank. From what I gather, he was a passable decker, a commited member of the NCPK, and in general, a great guy.

He also seems to have been just a wee bit unstable, if you take my meaning. His notebook, which I'm saving, is what inspired me to keep this journal, here.

This is what it contained:

I hereby resign my position as Coma Boy of the NCPK for undisclosed personal reasons. I will remain on the force for two weeks from acknowledgement of my resignation. zysuta. d*sl_mma/rj93.

Day 36, we are now four days out of sight of land and our food dwindles. The elders want us to search the
sea for any life but I was awake when the things came and took ma...

Day 45, tremors and tourettes are markedly fucking bwaaa lower but still present. Accidentally smudged date
off. It is now February 3032.

I think three months have passed. The notches in the deck didn't work out, and I'm short another crap deck
and my best R.D. T-shirt.

Notably, I am becoming less paranoid. They said they would kill me but I knew about the projects and their
prodigal son would have enjoyed the irony of participating in his parents' other brain-child, his brother

Something wrong with brain. Impossible from literal subjective tense polarity ... can't JUDGE. can't
thing... thing... what you do... when... (scribble)

low survival rates probably intentional. No sign of immune response lessening. Allergies bad as ever.
Rashes and bowel difficulties attributable to parasites.

Found combination of certain food-stuffs stabbbbilizing. Caffeine quite stimulating but not actually food.
So much to learn. Just don't get caught doing it.

Found third clone in Neo-T in PK outfit. Probability on non-involvement slim. Most of my money going to
contacts there. Deciding to make legitimate enterprise.

Still decking, and having to feign amateur status wearing. Might try that non-implant mod doctor. Says
he'll make a real man out of me...

(a few pages of random-seeming characters in groups of seven to twelve, with horizontal lines through them
all except the last two which are circled and followed by binary and hex equivalents.)

A very large prime numbers translated into a common text format, a blatantly amateurish security scheme.

April 26th when he's between patrols and it's just the bodygaurd.

Very worried about some things I wrote. I'm decking better than ever but I'm not sure Becky was ever really
that much in love with Marsha.

Sincerely, Franklin Carlin, April 29 3032.

I'm starting a new notebook. What happened to the last one? I remember something with drugs and that pretty
woman with the jugs and the zero-G tantric sex. That seems pretty real. Didn't get any more blue or dancer
or nothing. Rash is getting worse. It's the 7th.

Jeeves took LAV. Pretty miffed.

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incessant chitter chatter [15 Mar 2033|06:30pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I'm sitting here, somewhat bored, in a node where I'm probably not permitted to be listening to the KiNGs plan the death of some poor sod named Lestad. He's been publicly defying them in the public boards, of late, which is never a good survival tactic.

I have half a mind to unleash Holy Fire on them all (that temptation is always there), but instead, I'll keep my peace for now.

But it's so hard sometimes!

In other news, the training of my first Templar is nearly complete. Once certain items arrive via some of my contacts, I will be prepared to activate the first node in my plan.

I have also settled on Yesod, I believe. If Yesod proves worthy, I may grant it more proximity, in time, but for now, after I initiate it, Yesod will suffice for now.

I'm certainly wishing some of my older contacts were around in this city. I haven't seen Nathaniel Thane, Jeeves, or any of the others around at all. It's most frustrating. Only Felix remains, it seems.

Note to self: Keep a closer eye on Toshi, Tameka, Zylar and Taliesin. One of them may prove to be something other than pure steaming meat, if I'm lucky.

Oh, and I must remember to have Patrick eliminated. That day he was insolent simply cannot be tolerated.

Had some nice tea today. It went down well.

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